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— for so many women it is a dirty word, a taboo topic. Even with the prevalence of porn in the world today, so many women are still afraid of it — unsure of what exactly porn is, what constitutes “good” porn, and why it should matter to them. Good Porn is a women’s comprehensive guide to porn — what it is, what types are available, and why men and women enjoy different styles. With her poised expertise, author Erika Lust examines the films, the industry, and the phenomenon, making porn more accessible to women. Lust breaks away from the assumption that porn is for men only by examining the role of women within the porn industry, from female directors to the stars themselves.

She addresses the myth that one can’t be a feminist and still like porn, offers insight on the educational and erotic value of porn, and covers the benefits of porn in heightening women’s sexual appetites. Sharp and honest,
Good Porn breaks away from traditional female previous assumptions of porn, opening a new discourse on sexuality and relationships.

GOOD PORN: A Woman's Guide is published by SEAL PRESS and can also be found in SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and ITALIAN.

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